Keryn is a consultant, speaker, and teacher on the topics of wellbeing, meditation, and compassion. She has led workshops and been a guest speaker at schools, tech companies, and community groups. She has worked with various organizations developing curriculum and trainings on the topics of happiness, mindfulness, social and emotional intelligence, stress reduction, time management, nutrition and exercise.  Keryn graduated from Stanford University with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa, where she earned a degree in psychology with honors, and a minor in dance. While at Stanford, Keryn conducted research under the guidance of Professor Geoff Cohen on the relationship between personal change and self-compassion. She also initiated and led a course at Stanford on Nonviolent Communication. Keryn is a certified teacher of the meditation based Compassion Cultivation Training program developed at Stanford’s CCARE (Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education). This program was created by Thupten Jinpa (the Dalai Lama’s English translator) and Stanford psychologists. Born in Australia, Keryn grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and loves to dance.